Yes! The Bleu extension is 100% unprocessed hair that can be bleached or colored to any level desired. However, when bleaching or coloring hair we suggest you consult with a professional.

Absolutely! Treat this hair as if it were your own. Use good quality shampoo and conditioning products. Shampooing and conditioning is very important to keep your hair soft and manageable. We suggest deep conditioning once a week or biweekly, & avoid using oils and heavy styling products.

With proper maintenance, our hair will last you a lifetime. We do not to put an expiration date on our hair. Please treat this hair as if it were your own hair. Do remember that excessive heat and or coloring can/will alter the pattern of the hairs natural state.

Any hair that has been manufactured, and stitched into a weft is entitled to experience minimal shedding. Keep in mind that if you cut your weft, it will make it easier for your hair to shed. To assist with no shedding we suggest not cutting your weft however, if it is needed we suggest the stylist knot and stitch around the weft and not through it. It is also normal to get a few stands of hair here and there when detangling.